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Berky Information Teknologies, Inc. offers the following services:

Projects are accepted based on both hourly rates and royalty agreements. Free feasibility consultations are available. If you have an idea for a software product or need some custom programming contact us at:

Design Philosophy:

We believe that computers and technology were designed to make work easier, more accurate and more efficient. Complex software has no place in our world. Bulky manuals and klutzy software are only a testament to the inability of the software developer to comprehend and reproduce a real world process.

Developers at BIT strive to simplify complex problems and provide an organized structure in which real world information can be gathered, analyzed, and acted upon.

We believe that truly well-designed software is as intuitive as possible. There should be no need for a complex user manual. Disorganized features scattered here and there are not in the design plan.

Working with the users of the software is an important part of our design and development process. We don't just ask you what you want, and then go in our cave start coding. We learn your business processes, discuss ways for improvement and analyze how a software program would assist and simplify your processes. If software is not the answer, we will not force it on you.

Involving the users in every phase of design and development ensures that the software will be designed to the specifications of the users. We also work with CEOs, CFOs, and MIS directors to ensure that the software we design fits into their vision of success and works within the corporate culture.

When you find a need for quality software that is designed to be used by real people to do real tasks, contact us and let us help make your work simpler and more efficient.

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